Job Seeking Post COVID-19 – part 3: Conquer the interview

After COVID-19 Pandemic, how can you seek for a proper job? In this series “Job Seeking Post COVID-19”, Seed will guide you – the job seekers – through the way to improve your skills and help you achieve your ultimate goal: to get a job in your desired industry.

In part 3, we’ll talk about a trick that the employers won’t want to talk about much: revealing the real meaning of their tricky and challenging interview questions so you can avoid short response and have a relevant direction to express your talent in an interview!

QUESTION 1: “Tell me about yourself?”

  • What are your past experiences?
  • What are your accomplishments?
  • Are you the ideal candidate for this position?
  • What makes you a great asset to the team?
What it means:
Lesson learned:

When the interviewer asks you to introduce yourself, spend 1 to 2 minutes to answer 4 questions above, and the interviewer won’t need to ask you more questions to follow up your introduction anymore.

QUESTION 2: “Why are you interested in this particular role?”

What it means:
  • How much do you know about the company?
  • Do you know the nature of the job?
  • Have you done your research about the role/company?
Lesson learned:

Before an interview, do you homework! Doing research about the job/career pathway/industry that you applied for, and more important, read about the employer so you know roughly about their culture, mission, vision and value. This will prove that you really care and willing to know the direction of the comapany.

However, don’t read too much (like every nook and cranny) about the job or the company, because the employer will need someone with a fresh mind and have a new, innovative solution for their issue.

QUESTION 3: “Why should I hire you?”

What it means:
  • Are you confident in your abilities?
  • Do you have any special skills that makes you stand out compared to other candidates?
Lesson learned:

You should practise answering this kind of interview questions, just to prevent yourself from being nervous when it comes to this trick. You can talk more about your talent – your selling points – but remember: be honest, because liars will receive backfire in no time.

If you haven’t figured anything out immediately, just ask the interviewer to give you 1 minute to think, then calm down and organise your thought.

QUESTION 4: “Do you have any questions for me?”

What it means:
  • How much do you really want the job?
  • Are you already thinking how to contribute?
  • How serious are you about joining the team?
Lesson learned:

This question has multiple choices, you can think about and answer those 3 above questions, or you can ask the interviewer about something you’re really curious about, or maybe just don’t ask anything.

However, it’s the best if you ask something about the issues or insights based on your observation to show that you have researched and watched their performance throughoutly.

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Keep in mind that excellent skills allowing you to get a job. And Seed is here to connect you – a wonderful candidate with all Australian companies in just one step.