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*The course will be delivered in Mandarin (中文授课). Dashboards provide visual, at-a-glance display of business key information and help managers make quick decisions. Excel is an excellent tool to make powerful dashboards, but creating a dashboard takes a lot of skills & practices. In this course, students will learn all the tools and techniques needed for a dashboard, and students will also learn how to apply advanced modelling skills to build complex, robust and user-friendly dynamic business & management reports.


Module 1 Principles of Dynamic Reporting

  • Introduce ETL methodology
  • Design the blueprint for dynamic dashboard
  • Introduce dashboard design tips & tricks
  • Discover the critical issues of dynamic charts
  • Standardise business report through best practice procedures
  • Case: Common errors in business reports
  • Separated input, calculation, and output in a business report model
  • Case: Use Name and Array for area calculation
  • Case: Dynamic report shows sales/costs/profits/new customers based on selection

Module 2 Use Dynamic Elements in Business Reports

  • Use form control for user interaction: spin button, scrollbar, checkbox, combo box, option button & group box
  • Build an in-cell drop-down list
  • Learn to use Filter in dynamic reports
  • Learn to use the Camera tool for report display
  • Case – Dynamic chart: show different cost center KPI
  • Use the advanced formula for dynamic reports
  • Case: Index and Match for a dynamic data range
  • Case: Choose the formula for data areas selection
  • Case: Offset formula for a dynamic data range
  • Case: Sumif formula for data consolidation
  • Case: An indirect formula for data input manipulation
  • Case: Interactive sales report: product/month/city perspective
  • Apply fixed and dynamic range names with lookup and reference function
  • Understand the pros and cons of using array functions in financial modelling
  • Use other Excel tools in the dashboard

Module 3 Comprehensive Case: Build a Complex, Robust and User-Friendly Dynamic Dashboard

  • Design a professional report layout
  • Understand three seconds rule & ten seconds rule
  • Feed a single database to multiple worksheets
  • Connect data source through an indirect method
  • Compare the target’s performance with a weighted average
  • Draw interrelationship map among different databases as one to many, many to one
  • Show a running MTD & YTD figure
  • Choose the correct type of chart to demonstrate the desired result
  • Build a chart with dynamic data ranges
  • Automation – Highlight suspicious/uncommon value through Traffic Alert
  • Automation – Display top/bottom certain number of records
  • Application of interactive picture to fit varied tables into a maintainable report
  • Application of conditional format to draw the attention of end user
  • Application of colour sets to emphasize the focus
  • Conversion of your model into an ‘eye feast’ presentation
  • Essential crosschecking and documentation


This course is eligible for CPD hours.


  • Financial Accountant
  • Management Accountant
  • Senior Accountant
  • Business Analyst
  • Data Analyst


2 days
* Please contact us for the timetable.



Fees must be paid within 5 working days of receiving the confirmation of enrolment and invoice for the enrolment fee.

Seed Training Group may cancel an enrolment or discontinue training if fees are not paid as required.

Both direct deposit and credit card are accepted.

*Please refer to the Student Information Handbook for further details regarding Fees & Refund Policy and Procedure.

Trainer’s Profile

  • 17 Years of Dedicated Best-Practice Financial Modeller Extensive Experience in Building & Reviewing Complex Financial Model
  • Experienced Financial Controller of an ASX listed companies
  • Managing Director of AFMA (Australian Financial Modeller Association)
  • Committee Member of ACAA (Association of Chinese Accountants Australia)
  • Special Guest Trainer of ABC Television (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)
  • Guest BI (Business Intelligence) Lecturer of CPA Australia
  • Lecturer of Shanghai University of Finance and Economics MBA
  • Experienced Financial Analyst and Financial Modeller
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