Advices for Final- year students before graduate

Hey, final- year students, this is your last semester in University before stepping into the real world. It can be daunting with heavy workloads, and especially job seeking problem. No matter how hard it is, we came up with a few tips to get you through those challenges.

Choose your path

Some senior students are totally clueless about what to do after graduating. Having a plan ahead can boost you go faster to achieve your career goals.

Considering to join grad school? Make sure your conditions are up to par. Planning on applying for jobs? Then polish your resume and start networking. No matter what you choose, as long as you have a plan and determine to achieve it, you are ready to graduate.

Acquire new skills

Do some research about your desired career. Which kind of skills you may need to fetch or maintain a job. Enhancing such demanding skills early can not only deepen your knowledge but also increase your employability. Become the best at what you do, and you will get the best result.

Land your dream Internship

“First experience” plays a fundamental role in your career as it will give you some first-hand experience in the industry . Especially for International students, first local experience will prove your capabilities with recruiters in Australia.

Search for information from the University departments, or any job platforms, you can have what you want. If you need help to find Internship in Australia, SEED always give you a hand here.

Go to career events

If you are in the dark about where to find a job, let’s register for career events. You will realize that career fairs in Unviersity or in any trusted organizations will benefit you a lot.

You know what, 80% of jobs in Australia are found via networking. Such career events are once-in-a-lifetime chances to widen your network, talk to various potential employers and ultimately, discover the job opportunities which are not usually advertised through media.

Take care of your health

We understand that final years are extremelly stressful with heavy workloads and pressure from job seeking. No matter how hard it is, please do yourself a favor. Pick up a healthy routine and stick to it. A regular bedtime, a meal plan ahead, or exercise. Such habits can create an inner power that can incredibly lead you through the year with productivity.

Or at least you’ll get out of University without a strange zombie-look.

Make the most of your university life

Yes, final year is tiring, frustrated, and stressed! But you’re living your last few months as a student before stepping into the real world. Besides crazy schedules, take your time to appreciate your uni life, the friends you meet, and any sweet offer you can get as a university student.

Believe me, uni life is crazy, but those are the best days of your life!

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