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This course provides practical experience of  MATLAB from beginner to intermediate level. It is perfect for those who want to sharpen employability in areas such as engineering, data science, and mathematical applications. It also suits those non-coders, who want to have an introduction to programming concepts without dealing with “hard-to-grasp” interfaces.
  • Activity-driven
  • Step by step and hands-on


Beginner level (2 DAY)

Day 1 – Mastering the Basics and Statistical Approach

  • Topic 1 Introduction of Data Types and Storage Elements
  • Topic 2 MATLAB Functions
    • Preliminary Recap on Scripts
    • How to Write Your Own Functions
    • Challenge 1: Write A Simple Function
  • Topic 3  Why is Data Simulation Important in Work
    • What Are Random Numbers
    • Why Are They Useful in Working with MATLAB
    • Random Functions and Distributions
  • Topic 4 Statistical Methods and Functions: Understanding Data
    • Statistical Functions: Mean, Median, Mode
    • Statistical Visualisation including Histograms, Box Plots and Scatter Plots
    • Challenge 2: Generate and Visualise Random Sets
  • Topic 5 Fitting Lines
    • Polynomials
    • Linear Interpolation
    • Challenge 3: Fit A Line Through A Set

Day 2 – Make MATLAB Do The Work

  • Topic 1 Preliminary Recap on MATLAB Functions
  • Topic 2 Preliminary Introduction into Logic
    • Digital Logic
    • Logic Statements
    • Logic Operators
  • Topic 3 Introducing Loops
    • If, Else-if, For, While Statements
    • Nesting Loops
    • Challenge 1: Automating Interactive Tasks with Loops and Functions
  • Topic 4 Conditional Vectors: Key to Advanced Indexing
    • Logic Statements with Arrays and Matrices
    • Logic Statements with Strings and Characters
    • Indexing with Conditional Vectors
    • Challenge 2: Write A Function to Take Specific Indices of a Matrix
  • Topic 5 Introduction of Data Manipulation
    • Importing
    • Managing Missing Data
    • Introduction of Using Datastores

Intermediate Level (2 DAY)

Day 1- Present Data to Your Boss with MATLAB Data Visualisation

  • Topic 1 Preliminary Recap on Data Manipulation with Examples
  • Topic 2 Preset MATLAB Plots
    • Revision of Histogram, Boxplot and Scatterplot with examples
    • Other Plotting Options
    • Challenge 1: Importing Data and Applying Relevant Plots
  • Topic 3 MATLAB Graphics with Examples
    • Objectives and Properties
    • Object Hierarchy
    • Graphic Functions
  • Topic 4 Practical Examples on Data Manipulation
    • Conditional Vectors, Categorical Data, Discretizing Data and Analysing Data in Groups
    • Challenge 2: Separate Data into Categories
  • Topic 5 Higher Dimensional Visualisations
    • Working with Images
    • Making Grids
    • Interpolating Data
    • Generating Surfaces
    • 3 Dimensional Visualisations
    • Challenge 3: Generating 3D Visualisation

Day 2 – Creating Your Own Tailored Applications

  • Topic 1 Description of the Desired Application
    • The Application Structure
    • Defining the Required System Blocks
    • Defining the Hierarchy and Flow of the Application
    • Understanding the Inputs and Outputs
  • Topic 2 Creating the Required Functions
    • Developing the Functions One By One
  • Topic 3 Combining the Functions in Order to Achieve the Desired Flow
    • Introduction to Debugging
    • Testing Function Correctness
    • Input-output Relationships of the Functions
    • Attaching Function Results in A Correct Order
  • Topic 4 Generating the User Interface
    • Creating User Input Functionality
    • Generating the Desired Visualisations
    • Customising and Editing the Interface of the Application
    • Workflow Control of the Application
  • Topic 5 Creating a Desktop App From MATLAB Code
  • Topic 6 Personalisation of the App


This course is eligible for CPD hours. Upon successful completion of all the required units of this course, students will receive a certificate of completion.


  • Engineer of various specialisations


4 days
* Please contact us for the timetable.


There are no formal education entry requirements.


  • Students need to bring their own laptop with MATLAB installed.



  • Fees must be paid within 5 days of receiving the confirmation of enrolment and invoice for the enrolment fee.
  • Seed Training Group may cancel enrolment or discontinue training if fees are not paid as required.
  • Both direct deposit and credit card are accepted.

*Please refer to the Student Information Handbook for further details regarding Fees & Refund Policy and Procedure.

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