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The AutoCAD Course is formulated into 3 levels to address learners with different competency on using AutoCAD and to provide and/or improve their technical knowledge and drafting skills. The courses aim to simulate the workplace environment where the trainer will play the role of a senior professional to hand down the practical experience to the juniors and mentor them to prepare for potential jobs in engineering fields and ease the painful learning curve at an early stage.   Each level equips students with practical drafting and design skills likely required in those positions as well as foundational understanding about drafting processes to allow further development at later stages of their career on their own.  


Beginner Level  |  5 sessions

Session 1. Introduction

  • Introduction to AutoCAD
  • User interface
  • Initial Drawing setting up
  • Command or Ribbon?
  • Dynamic Input and Search/ Help
  • Navigate through your working space

Session 2. Basic Drafting Commands

  • Point/ Node commands
  • Line/ Ray/ Construction Line/ Multiline/ Polyline (and Spline) commands
  • Circle/ Arc/ Ellipse/ Donut commands
  • Rectangle/ Polygon commands
  • Hatch/ Gradient commands

Session 3. Drafting Setting

  • Grid settings
  • Snap settings
  • Tracking settings

Session 4. Basic Modifying Commands

  • Copy/ Mirror/ Offset/ Array commands
  • Move/ Rotate/ Scale/ Stretch/ Lengthen commands
  • Trim/ Extend/ Break/ Join/ Chamfer/ Fillet commands
  • Divide and Measure commands
  • Explode command

Session 5. Basic Annotation (texts and dimensions)

  • Dtext and Mtext
  • Dimensioning 101


Intermediate Level  |  6 sessions (2 sessions including practice projects)

Session 1. Drawing Setup

  • Layers and their properties
  • Point style
  • Text style
  • Dimension style
  • Table style
  • Leader style
  • Drawing standards, templates and database (library)

Session 2. Organize Your Drawing

  • Generating and working with layers
  • Show – Hide – Isolate
  • Lock/ Unlock, Freeze/ Thaw Layers
  • Fade/ Transparency feature
  • Creating and inserting blocks
  • Introduction to Dynamic blocks
  • Introduction to External Reference
  • Insert external objects

Session 3. Effective Drafting Operation

  • Select smartly
  • Mass editing
  • Modifying by alternating Object’s Properties
  • Scale-it-right
  • Matchdrop

Session 4. Intermediate Annotation

  • Leaders and notes
  • Tables
  • Markup with Rev cloud and Wipeout
  • Built-in symbols
  • Block with attributes and Fields

Session 5. Your First Hands-on Experience Drafting a Plan Scratch

Session 6. Plotting and Publishing

  • Model and Paper space
  • Layout and Viewport
  • Arrange your blueprints with Title block, Legend and Notes
  • Dimensioning and assigning texts to scale
  • Printing to standard paper sizes
  • Distributing your CAD file(s) with eTransmit


Advanced Level  |  1 session

  • Mining the valuable resource of Object’s properties and parameters
  • Instantaneous calculation in AutoCAD
  • Rapid editing by Grip
  • Tempo and instantaneous Collaboration
  • The art of making selection set
  • Advanced hatch features
  • Advanced plotting and publishing
  • AutoCAD and Excel
  • Advanced Xref-ing
  • Advanced features of blocks, Dynamic Blocks
  • Parametric features
  • Annotative property
  • Other applications of AutoCAD apart from drafting
  • Customizing your commands shortcut
  • Introduction to Autolisp
  • Introduction to Express Tools
  • Introduction to Autodesk’s Design Center
  • Tips on working multi-disciplinarily
  • Tips on working with CAD files of high complexity
  • Optional: Introduction to AutoCAD 3D / First impression of BIM Revit


  • Upon successful completion of all the required learning of this course, students will receive a certificate of completion.
  • Perform confidently at the workplace or job search.


  • Architect
  • Interior Designer
  • Civil Engineer
  • Mechanical Engineer
  • Construction Design Manager
  • Landscape Design
  • Product Design
  • Manufacture
  • Drafting


  • Beginner Level – 4 hours
  • Intermediate Level – 12 hours
  • Advanced Level – 4 hours


  • Basic computer skills are essential.
  • No prior knowledge of AutoCAD is required.


  • Students are required to bring their own laptops to attend the training.



  • Fees must be paid within 5 days of receiving the confirmation of enrolment and invoice for the enrolment fee.
  • Seed Training Group may cancel enrolment or discontinue training if fees are not paid as required.
  • Both direct deposit and credit card are accepted.

*Please contact us for Fees & Refund Policy and Procedure.

Trainer’s Profile

    • professional Civil Engineer with over 5 years in the construction industry
    • a registered AutoCAD Certified Professional
    • an experienced Estimator in residential, commercial and industrial projects
    • worked on high profile projects with a value up to 40 million USD
    • experienced working with Tier 1 and Tier 2 civil constructors in Australia
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