Essential career tips for Second -year International students in Australia

Transition from first year to second year in University, you may go through some definite changes. Of course, the pressure for the future also gradually appears. Second year is the right time to prepare for your career path after graduation, especially for International students. This pressure is real, but SEED will help you to make your preparation more seamless and well- prepared.

Update your CV

If you plan to apply for Internship positions related to your study major or your passion , an up-to-date resume and cover letter are the fundamental parts. The process of getting job offer is time- consuming, so you had better be prepared as early as possible.

One tip for you: Creating and updating your CV regularly can become your source of motivation. Whenever a skill or Certificate is added into the resume, you can see your personal growth and get the sense of achievement in your life.

Let’s start with filling in all the work experience that you’ve had and highlighting all the skills that you’ve gained through your past work in the resume. However, if you are completely in the dark about creating an outstanding resume, book a Free resume check service for professional support.

Acquire essential skills for your future career

Needless to say, gaining more knowledge about the industry or the market is always a priority. Theoretical knowledge can help you understand the “big picture” of your work. However, practical knowledge can help you perform better in the REAL Worklace. By acquiring those “employability skills” , you will become an outstanding candidates while applying for jobs.

Don’t wait until you graduate for learning a new skill. Building up a side project in your free time, or attending programs or free courses to practise the technical skills would level up all your knowledge and also help you have a specific expertise to focus on.

Get used to being rejected

Prepare to fail, and learn to start again

No one likes the failure. So do you, right? However, that’s what seniors all have gone through, and warn you in the job seeking journey. Before getting the first official interview, you may have to send hundreds of applications and being refused by hundreds of employers.

Therefore, you need to get used to the application process in Australian companies, and prepare a steel spirit and a cold head to get on your journey again and achieve your career goal!

Second- year students, the preparation for your future career has just begin. Keep your head up, and be WELL- PREPARED for whatever comes in the future.

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