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April 7, 2016
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May 10, 2016

“Now, tell us about yourself”

How to respond to the question “Tell us about yourself”



This question is not only an opening for you to lead the mood of the job interview but also an opportunity for you to emphasise your proposition, your strengths and what you can offer as a bookkeeper or an accountant.

Be prepared properly, read the job description thoroughly and research about the accounting practice, see how your proposition can fit into the firm’s profile.

Answer the question concisely; introduce yourself in approximately 60-90s only.

Do not repeat all the information that has been already mentioned in your CV and Cover Letter.


You can follow the formula ‘Present-Past-Future’, basically tell a short story.


- Present: Who you are

An introduction to who you are professionally

You could start with your childhood and relate it to your current career (make sure that it is relevant)


- Past: Expertise Highlights



Highlight 2-4 points that you think make you stand out and that are appropriate to this job (accounting experiences, practical training, technical skills, etc.). What do you want the interviewer to remember about you when you leave the interview?

However, do not list, but focus on the story


- Future: Why You’re Here

Why you’re interested in the company (first) and the position (second). You should research about the company, its mission and vision. You need to show your knowledge about and your desire for long-term work at the company.


job interview

Perfect your answer

Practice with your script until you feel confident about what you want to emphasise in your statement. But do not just repeat, act it out. You want to make it natural and conversational.

Even if you are not asked this type of question at the beginning of the interview, this preparation will help you focus on what you have to offer. You will also find that you can use the information in this exercise to assist you in answering other questions. The more you can talk about your product—you—the better chance you will have at selling it.

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