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October 12, 2015
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Follow-up Letter

Follow-up letters are as important as the interviews per se. Research shows that those who write follow-up letters are more likely to get a second interview and a job offer. Therefore, please treat it like an extension of your interview but not just a casual letter.


Let the interviewer knows that you are serious about the job by putting effort into writing a genuine letter to them. Follow up letters allow the interviewers to recall about your interview meeting and you as a person. It is the time for you to remind them of your forte and tell them the reasons why they should hire you.


Here are some TIPs for writing a follow-up letter that will give you that extra boost toward your dream job.

The first paragraph has to grab the reader’s attention. Express appreciation and compliment the interviewer for their time and the pleasant environment they created. Compliments encourage them to keep reading your letter.


Be aware of your choice of words and writing style. Interviewers will assess how you communicate in the business environment. Thus, remember to keep your words professional without being too distant and be direct to keep the message “short and sweet”.


Do you remember saying anything that picked the interviewer’s interest? Mention it again so it can leave a stronger lasting impression. Also, try to impress them with achievements or skills that you think are relevant to the job.

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