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Melbourne CAPM® Certification Training

Our new face-to-face course, which is delivered via a partnership with Project Smart (REP ID: 1298), with exam preparation support is the ideal way to start or upskill your career in the project management field. To help you understand project management concepts and prepare you for the examination, we have designed 3 days – 23 contact hours classroom training. After the training, we’ll support you to study for the CAPM® exam and provide you with resources such as 2,000 sample questions and career coaching.

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How to Become a CAPM® Credential Holder
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Certified Associate of Project Management (CAPM®)
CAPM® signifies that you have the potential to become a leader in the project management field
Opportunity to demonstrate expertise in managing and leading projects for the less experienced candidates
Stand out by ensuring your credibility and knowledge as a globally certified Project Management Associate for organisations and employers
Better career advancements and opportunity to start a career in the project management field
Increase your earning potential as a CAPM® credential holder
Useful for project coordinators, team members and other stakeholders to find a pathway to project management
Money back guarantee*


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What is the CAPM® certification?

CAPM certification is designed for the individuals who want a recognised project management certification but lack the work experience. As a recent graduate or a current student looking to differentiate yourself in the competitive job field, CAPM® credential is the right choice for you to solidify your skills on the following areas:

  • Introduction to Project Management 
  • Project Environment 
  • Role of the Project Manager 
  • Project Scope Management 
  • Project Schedule Management 
  • Project Cost Management 
  • Project Quality Management 
  • Project Resource Management 
  • Project Communication Management
  • Project Risk Management 
  • Project Procurement Management 
  • Project Stakeholder Management 
Why get a CAPM® certification?
  • Differentiate yourself and start your career in project management
  • Learn the skills and get the credential to become a potential leader in your field
  • Individuals carrying CAPM® designation after their name gain high-credibility in the project management field
What are the course objectives?
  • Designed to pass the CAPM® exam
  • Confirming the required 23 hours of approved training for the CAPM® exam application
  • Identify your weak points that need to be improved before taking the CAMP® exam with feedback and analysis of the mock exams
  • Prepare students to apply for their first job in the project management field with career coaching service 
Who should take this course?
  • New graduates and current university students in any industry who want to differentiate themselves and land their first job  
  • Project support staff who want to upskill into project management roles
What is the course duration?
  • 3 days, an intensive course which is suitable for a busy schedule
What is the course fee?
  • $1,380
What is included in the enrollment fee?
  • 23 hours of face-to-face training in our CBD office covering the full PMI framework content. This training is delivered by an experienced project manager and trainer within a 3-day course.
  • Full copies of notes and study guides
  • Additional post course support from the tutor including mock exam analysis and feedback
  • Resources to help you prepare for the exam including 2,000 sample questions 
  • Additional support in the unlikely event that you aren’t successful in your first exam attempt
  • A formulae cheat sheet is provided with no additional cost
  • Career coaching to land your job in the project management field which includes a resume, cover letter, and interview skill workshops
What is the course delivery method?
  • Classroom training. You have the ability to get live feedback of your performance and identify knowledge gaps.


What are the eligibility requirements to receive a CAPM® certification?
  • A secondary diploma (high school diploma/global equivalent) and 1,500 hours of professional experience on a project team


  • A secondary diploma (high school diploma/global equivalent) and 23 contact hours of formal education
What are the CAPM® certification exam fees in Melbourne?
  • PMI member rate: US$225
  • PMI non-member rate: US$300
What is the CAPM® exam duration?
  • 3 hours
How many questions does the CAPM® exam have?
  • Total examination questions: 150
  • Number of scored questions: 135
  • Number of unscored questions: 15
What is the CAPM® exam outline?
  • Introduction to Project Management (6%)
  • Project Environment (6%)
  • Role of the Project Manager (9%)
  • Project Scope Management (9%)
  • Project Schedule Management (9%)
  • Project Cost Management (8%)
  • Project Quality Management (7%)
  • Project Resource Management (8%)
  • Project Communication Management (10%)
  • Project Risk Management (8%)
  • Project Procurement Management (4%)
  • Project Stakeholder Management (9%)
How many attempts do you have to pass the CAPM® examination?
  • Exam eligibility period: 1 year
  • You may take the examination 3 times within this 1 year eligibility period
Where can you use your CAPM® certification?
  • Block letters after your name on business cards, personal letterhead, resumes, websites and email signatures

If you have the required hours of working experience, you can consider PMP® ( Project Management Professional) training. Please choose PMP® or CAPM®, depending on your work experience, from the drop-down menu on the contact form. One of our education consultants will contact you shortly. 

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