During the epidemic, pay cuts and layoffs, which companies are still recruiting accountants?

The appearance of COVID- 19 had completely changed the world’s economy. Unemployment, uncertainty, and confusion may describe the life of all walks of life. Let’s take a closure look at the recruiting situation during the pandemic.

Pay cuts and layoffs overview

• Q1 gross profit in the Asia-Pacific region fell by 17% per year in the data of Michael Page.

Robert Walter’s net commission income decreased by 11%, in which the Asia-Pacific region fell 5%.

• Australia ’s unemployment rate hit the peak within 30 years, with 1.4 million unemployed people. ABS also estimates that the unemployment rate will reach 10% in June (data for February this year was 5.02%)

The data from Indeed indicated the impact of COVID- 19 on the Labour market through the number of job advertisements on this platform in 2019 and 2020. From the research, Accounting job market have reduced by 51%.

Which companies are still recruiting Accountants? Do I meet their requirements?

Seed Career observed that, after late April, the market demand for Accounting positions has increased slightly. Hoever, competition is more intense. Such companies are generally operating on logistics, advertising, foreign exchange and IT industry.

Those Job descriptions are more demanding? YES!

For example, let ’s take a look at the specific requirements for Bookkepers.

What I can do to qualify for Accounting jobs after the pandemic?

  • Set the right attitude

“Your knowledge” can lead you through the door, but “your passion” can decide how far you can go.

There are many available personality tests, such as the famous SHL test. Those can help you understand and clarify your strengths and weaknesses. If you are still in the dark, ask SEED for free consultation.

  • Strive for proficiency

If you want to work in the Accounting industry, please use a variety of online and offline resources to learn and apply your skills into practice to achieve proficiency. Experience in using Accounting software like MYOB or XERO can be your competitive advantage.

SEED has prepared a FREE weekly Accounting seminar for everyone to strengthen your software- using skills. Yes, every week in our Accounting group.

  • Set aside your arrogance and think for a long- term journey

It is a good choice to use the internship experience to make up for the temporary lack of experience. Make good use of this time to reflect youru journey on the Accounting industry, and upgrade your skills for the future.

  • Western workplaces also need both IQ and EQ

Skills can always be learned. The more important thing in the workplace is EQ (Emotional Intelligence). Essentially, emotional intelligence in the work places comes down to “understanding, expressing and managing, good relationships and solving problems under pressure”. Practicing on both IQ and EQ can secure your success in your future career.