International students in Australia: Survival tips for freshmen

Being new to Australia? Freshmen, there are tons of things that International students can do in this country instead of sleeping or learning. Making use of this “honeymoon period with Australia” to create your own competitiveness in the future career.

Explore Australia

Australia is a beautiful country with a lot of breathtaking sceneries, ranging from modern city like Sydney, to the picturesque landscapes of Tasmania. Even simpler, your neighborhood may contain exquisite landscape. Put your shoes on and explore.

What if your slogan for life is “living for eating”? Don’t worry. This multicultural and multiracial country won’t let you down, with the variety of foods from all over the words. Going to a small valley in CBD, Melbourne, you can find out a hidden worldwide cuisine.    

As a result, such experiences will become your valuable assets and help you adapt and have a relevant manner, or a more open way of thinking, no matter in your study or work.

International students survival tips


Volunteer activities are great opportunities for international students blend into the Oz culture. Australia recognises and appreciates all the voluntary work, regardless of which types they are and what organisations hold it. More importantly, this is one of the key things to write down in your resume, which make yourself as an outstanding candidate while applying for jobs.

Part- time/ Casual Jobs

If you want to make money for living, or experience more about life, Part-time/ Casual job is definitely a good idea. You can have chance to meet lots of interesting people, learn to deal with difficult problems and also appreciate the hardship of making your own money. Remember to check your visa conditions before application.

For example, working as a waitress in the restaurant can teach you how to observe the whole situations, deal with grumbled or annoying customers, and improve your customer- oriented mindset. Those soft skills can become your competitive advantages for your future career.

Although you might struggle finding a new job in any field, but think about those pools of connection you’ve built from your voluntary work, or in your road trips/picnic and check if there are any chance that you could be refereed for a job or not.

Freshman, let’s make the most of your time in new country”.

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