4 most popular sources of Volunteer opportunities in Australia

If you want to create something impactful for the society, as well as discover the beauty of giving, volunteer work can be a great way to do so. Especially for International students who are new to Australia, volunteer works can bring you more than you can think of.

  • The most and foremost benefit, is the positive impact that you can create and bring to the society, as well as the satisfaction and rewarding moments after creating something meaningful for the community.
  • Volunteer is an opportunity for International students to blend into the Oz culture. You can meet new people, learn about working styles of Australian organizations, and improve both technical and soft skills.
  • Australia recognises and appreciates all the voluntary work, regardless of which types they are and what organisations hold it. 
  • In the long run, the chances of meeting new people through volunteer work can widen your network, job opportunities and change your mindset. There are a lot of International students who got the Job Offer from the Organization they are volunteering for.

If you- especially International students, are still confusing about where to find Volunteer Opportunities in Australia, here are 4 most popular and easy sources for you.

Universities’ Department

In your Colleges/ Universities, Volunteer Opportunities are usually advertised through Career Connect. They will collect and pass the information about Volunteer opportunities that International students can get involved. Free services and helpful advices are the main advantages that you an get from this channel.

Student Unions in your Schools

Volunteering doesn’t mean that you should find the opportunities from the NGOs. Being an active member in the Student Unions or any Society Clubs also counts as Volunteer. It is also a good way to make new friends with someone who has the same interest and make your students life much more interesting.

Non- Profit Organizations (NPOs) and Non- government Organizations (NGOs)

Needless to say, NPOs and NGOs is always the first that comes to mind when you think about Volunteer work. With hundreds of NPOs and NGOs in Australia, you can easily find yourself a volunteer opportunity that matches your interest and desire. The list of accredited NGOs in Australia can be found here. Some of the most popular NGOs in Australia can be:

Local Council

Whether you notice or not, within your surbus, the local council usually organizes many activities to connect the community. They have the vibrant network of community groups, organisations, clubs and associations that are supported by volunteers.

You can find the information on the website of your council to discover more about the Volunteer work. The opportunities can be available on special occasions of the year, such as New Year or ANZAC Day.

Doing volunteer can bring you lots of benefits. Especially for International Students, this is a greate chance to blend into Australian culture and widen your network, enhance your employability in the future career.

If you are freshman and think of what to do in Australia, learn more useful tips with us.