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Blog Cover Letter

Applying for jobs can be a daunting, exciting and emotional experience. What if there was a way for you to stand out and surpass the other candidates? That’s right, having a unique cover letter is the key.

Blog Cover Letter


What Is a Cover Letter?

A cover letter is commonly attached to a Resume and is typically a professional document of introduction. The letter introduces your application and purpose for applying which assists the employer on whether you are suitable and the ideal candidate for the desired position.


Are Cover Letters Dying?

As a result of technological advancement, methods that you can use to introduce yourself to your future company are evolving. Thus, the idea of attaching a cover letter may seem pointless. However, like many other things that receive mixed opinions simply attaching a cover letter wouldn’t hurt. It could possibly be the factor that helps employers decide on whether or not you will get an interview so now is not the time to neglect the art of writing a cover letter rather it is about perfecting one. The core essence of having a crafted personalised document is still important and relevant as it illustrates your ability to listen to instructions and attention to detail which will only increase the possibility of you being handed an interview.


Four Reasons As to Why Having a Cover Letter Is So Important


1. Employers are able to see your writing ability

Resumes normally consist of mainly bullet points and short statements. By providing a cover letter, your writing ability is showcased to the employer. Cover letter contains professional language, structured paragraphs and detailed yet brief sentences.


2. Able to elaborate important points that were mentioned in your resume

Due to the nature of resumes, important information might not have been included due to the recommended resume length which is one or two pages. Cover letters provide you with an opportunity to draw attention and explain experiences and qualifications that may help improve your chances of landing your desired job.


3. Showcases your personality

Cover letter allows the organisation to gain an insight into the type of person you are and what you aspire to be in the future. Due to the flexibility that cover letters provide, you can either bring a comical twist when presenting important information or simply be articulate. The decision on how you want to approach it is up to you.


4. Tells the employer that you are serious about the opportunity

By providing a cover letter, the hiring manager can interpret it as genuine interest for the role as by simply only submitting your resume and nothing else can seem like a lazy move. To ensure that your cover letter is unique, do some research about the company. Mention their mission, vision statement and their current objectives which demonstrate your knowledge and interest.


Good luck with your future endeavours.


Cover Letter Examples


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