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May 26, 2016
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Recap of our “Become a CPA” Information session

As part of our Accounting Job-Ready program, Seed Training Group was extremely fortunate to host a “Become a CPA” Information session in conjunction with CPA Australia. The dialogue covered all the benefits of being a CPA and how it can give our trainees the skills and knowledge they need to be recognised in their accounting career.



Attendees kick-started the session by discussing earnestly about the “Challenges facing Accounting Students after Graduation” in group of 2 or 3. Following that was “Become a CPA” Presentation.

 We kick-started the session with an ice-breaker activity where attendees, in groups of 2 or 3, were given the task of discussing about the “Challenges that Accounting Students are facing after graduation” which was followed by the “Become a CPA” Presentation.



Seed trainees had the exclusive opportunity to meet our CPA Australia Guest Speaker to:

i) Learn more about the CPA program

ii) Discuss their membership options

iii) Apply and receive assistance with their application




The CPA Australia Representative was extremely helpful and answered questions from the attendees very enthusiastically, making it a valuable and rewarding session for those who were especially interested in becoming CPA  Associate Members.

Attendees also took advantage of the Special Offer we had on the day where they received CPA Australia Application Fee Waivers exclusive to Seed Training Group.



If you missed out and want to know more about how you can receive a CPA Australia Application fee waiver, contact us at info@seedtraining.com.au or call us at 1300 369 809.


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