Get job-ready and improve your career prospects with our Marketing Internship Program, comprising of 4 sessions of Marketing practical training followed by a 4 - 6 week internship in a Marketing related role with a local-based host company.


Duration: 4 Sessions (5 hours per session)

Gain an understanding of both the theoretical and practical framework that underpin marketing and develop the skills to design effective marketing strategies.

Areas of practical training includes:

• Understanding marketing concepts, trends and developments
• Establishing and adjusting the marketing mix
• Implementing and monitoring marketing activities
• Learning project management techniques
• Understanding consumer behaviour and psychology
• Developing branding strategies and positioning
• Designing an integrated marketing communication plan
• Planning market research to identify market needs
• Managing budgets and financial plans


Duration: 4 - 6 weeks (minimum 20 hours per week)

You will have the opportunity to apply the skills from your training in an internship and gain industry experience in a professional setting.

Features of internship includes:

• 100% guaranteed internship in one of our various host companies (all in compliance with Fairwork Australia)
• Internship will be in a Marketing related role
• Placements available on a part-time or full-time basis
• Flexible start dates and timely placement
• Workplace insurance included
• Professional resume and cover letter writing before placement
• Certificate of completion and reference letter provided

Price including GST: $1350


Contact our friendly Internship Consultants to book a Free Assessment to discuss your eligibility to join our Marketing Internship Program.