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May 10, 2018
Career Development Workshop – Resume Tips and Interview Skills
June 14, 2018

Life After Uni Workshop (DEVISE)

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On the 30th of May, Seed Training Group together with Devise collaborated to provide a workshop titled ‘Life after Uni’. This workshop was held at Deakin University and was aimed at Vietnamese International students. The guest speakers that presented that night were Natalie Tran from Seed Training group, Andy Dao who is the co-founder and financial consultant of Finantive PTY LTD and Cuc Nguyen who is a casual lecture and course coordinator at Deakin University.  

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What is Devise and what is the purpose?

Deakin Vietnamese International Student & Extension (DEVISE) is a university club with the aims of uniting Vietnamese students studying at Deakin University regardless of their course. DEVISE has a goal of encouraging club members to help contribute to society in the hopes of gaining recognition within a foreign community. Through fun activities and information sessions hosted, DEVISE offers members countless opportunities where they can change or enhance their careers.

The main purpose for this workshop was to help students enhance their career and also provided students with an opportunity to listen to Andy and Cuc’s experience on how they managed to find work and become successful as an international. The workshop was split up into two parts. The first part covering resume tips and interview skills which were presented to the cohort by Natalie. The second half was conducted as an interview where the Microphone controller (MC) would ask both Andy and Cuc questions about their career choices and experiences.

Topics covered during the workshop

The company Natalie works for is Seed Training Group which is a company that offers individuals and students assistance to help them achieve their career ambitions. Seed Training Group regularly provides career development workshops focusing on helping individuals enhance their career by improving their skills. As showcased in the slides that Natalie prepared for that night, detailed information on resume presentation, topics that needed to be mentioned and dos and don’ts when writing a resume was covered. Natalie also covered the topics of interviews and educated individuals on different questions that they should expect and how to prepare for them. 

Both Andy and Cuc originally lived in Vietnam however they moved to Melbourne in the hopes of establishing a better life for themselves. During the interview, Andy mentioned how his career was not always successful and smooth, as he recalled a time where he applied to at least 500 job applications and only landing the interview for only 50. Both Andy and Cuc talked about the importance of networking, that knowing people with power and status would help you achieve your goals quicker and faster. Andy gave those who attended an example, he explained to the cohort that night that without the help of his friend he would not be in the position that he is in today and possibly still job hunting.

Overall, this workshop was successful as individuals were able to gain knowledge that can be applied. Individuals know what a good resume looks like and what information to include to help make them stand out. Attendees after attending the workshop also know the steps and methods that need to be taken in order for them to ace the interview and land the job. Lastly, experiences and knowledge were shared that night from two individuals who understand the students better than anyone as they were once in the students position themselves. 


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