Cost accounting


SOFTWARE: MYOB, Microsoft Excel

DURATION: 4 Sessions (8 hours per session)

The Cost Accounting program is aimed at accounting graduates who want to or are considering working for a medium to large business in a corporate accounting role, most likely, but not limited to the manufacturing industry. Providing a strong foundation to build a career in cost accounting, this program focuses on the typical roles of the cost accountant applicable to most industries which you may wish to work in. Areas of training includes:

  • Cost accounting vs management accounting
  • Advantages and objectives of cost accounting
  • Classification of costs
  • Cost object
  • Costing methods and how to apply them
  • Cost allocation and accumulation
  • Costing data for decision and control purposes
  • Margin, absorption and differential costing methods
  • Inventory management utilising Cost – Volume – Profit analysis (CVP)
  • Assessing business opportunities using breakeven analysis

Upon completion of the Cost Accounting program, trainees will be equipped with the required skills to be able to apply for relevant job positions such as:

  • Assistant accountant
  • Assistant cost accountant

Available as an individual program or as part of the Management Accountant Job Ready Programs


Hands-on practical training

Personalised guided-learning

Training facilities and materials provided

Industry qualified trainers

Online forum for on-going support


Certificate of completion

Resume and job support toolkit