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Are You Distracted at Work?


Are you lacking focus at work? Whether it be fatigue, distraction or motivation, a lack of focus can significantly affect your productivity.

It’s difficult to complete tasks to the highest quality when you aren’t focused on the task at hand. Distractions are everywhere; where possible remove them. We live in a digital age, attached to our mobile devices. They are a constant distraction, whether it be an email, text or social media notification, we are glued to the screens.

An inability to focus can be as a result of a number of factors. If you are unable to focus due to stress, you should first identify the cause of the stress. Once that is identified, you then work on finding a resolution.  


Here Are Some Healthy Habits That Will Help You Focus:


Minimize Multitasking

By minimising multitasking you are able to devote hours to a specific task. Focusing on a single task decreases the chance of you becoming overwhelmed by the workload. Multitasking increases only productivity temporarily. Overtime it creates accumulated stress, and an inability to focus as you are used to moving between tasks in short periods of time.





Exercising On A Regular Basis

Staying healthy and participating in regular exercise isn’t just beneficial for the body, but your brain health too! Exercise is said to promote concentration and memory capacity.

Exercise increases your energy level, sharpening your awareness. The inclusion of regular exercise into your weekly routine can help you achieve the optimal work-life balance.







Limit Your Caffeine Intake

Caffeine is beneficial in small amounts as it can provide you with a boost of energy, especially when you are tired. However, too much caffeine can give you the jitters and make it very difficult to concentrate. Your intake should be moderated.







Be Well Rested

Lack of concentration is often a symptom of poor sleep. Sleep deprivation can make it incredibly difficult to pay attention. It is also very hard to learn new material when you are sleep deprived, as you tend to make far more mistakes and are unable to process the new information. Distraction is far more tempting when you are already finding it difficult to concentrate.







Set Deadlines

Setting deadlines provides a timeline of a task. By breaking down a project into milestones or mini-deadlines can allow your team to have manageable goals which in turn keeps them on track and reduces stress.

Manageable goals are far less overwhelming for a team or individual. When you meet a set deadline you have a sense of accomplishment and confirmation that you are progressing at a positive rate. Smaller goals also allow for management of mistakes and misunderstandings to be addressed and altered.








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