4 Common Mistakes in Writing Job Application Letter
November 16, 2015
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November 30, 2015

Are you clueless about putting up your resume?

Writing your resume for the first time can be quite intimidating. You don’t know where to start, what to include and how to present your profile in an effective way.


This is relatively more important for job seekers and fresh graduates because you haven’t got much experience in term of professional development yet. Thus, in your career objectives, put down the characteristics and strengths that are most relevant to the (accounting) job you are applying for.

If you possess any technical or practical skill, for example, software packages such as MYOB or Reckon (Quickbooks), don’t be discouraged to put them in.

Here, even if you have nothing, the recruiters can still access your writing and logical skills. They want to see whether you can put together a precise and comprehensive short piece of writing that can communicate your message through.

The question you should be asking yourself when typing this part of the resume is why they want to hire you.

career objectives


The profile should be condensed into 3 to 4 lines with the top one being your name.

The following lines should just be your address, your email and telephone number.

It is important to omit your date and place of birth, there are no direct connections between this information and your competency. Having this type of information will be unnecessary and may make you look silly.

less is more


The format and content of your resume should be consistent all the time.

Make sure that your tab or table settings have to be the same throughout the pages.


The optimal amount of content should be included within 2 pages, especially for jobs like bookkeeper and accountants.

Hence, be wise in choosing which achievements and qualifications you want to include in your resume.


Empower your resume with powerful words, this could be easily achieved with the help of thesaurus.com.


Run spellcheck not once but twice.

Last but not least, ask someone to proofread for you, a spelling mistake is all it takes for your resume to be thrown into the bin.

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