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January 25, 2017

Applying for an Accounting Role – How to Impress Recruiters (1)

This series of blogs will reveal insights into the recruitment process, pointing out the common mistakes that job applicants are making; and how to increase your chance of getting hired.


Are you clueless about your curriculum vitae?

You may want to start with some general tips in our previous 4-point blog post.

Or this comprehensive Career One Australian style article can give you some constructive advice. 


Is my resume right? 

People are usually overwhelmed by numerous resume tips and templates on the Internet.

Are all of them alright to be used? Resume experts always contradict themselves just about everything on the resume.

Similar to other aspects of business, recruitment is heavily country and role specific. What may have been standards in the US, China, India or Vietnam can be unacceptable in Australia and vice versa. It is similar for the role and industry you are applying for too.

But there is one thing for sure. If you understand the recruiter’s train of thought and how they carry their routines, you have a much better chance of scoring that sweet job for yourself.

An average recruiter spend 10 seconds skimming through your resume. If it piques their interest, they will dive deeper and study your resume for up to … 1 minute.



So, the first thing you want to do with your resume is to keep it short.

Why? Because recruiters have been trained to skim through resumes.

In a resume for an entry level accounting role, recruiters will be looking at your personal details, skills, 2 most recent experiences and education.

Make sure that you write these sections concisely, answering to the requirements laid out in the job ads.


Aren’t those just the basics?

Yes, they are. You will be surprised that 80% of applicants will mess up the basics.

There will be an occasional spelling errror,

Or misalignment,

  • Dot point

Period and no period

Using present tense and used past tense.


Are they that important?

Recruiters receive many applications a day. They want to weed out as many applicants as possible, in the shortest amount of time.

Don’t give them the chance!

Use spellcheck, ask your friends, or read through your resume again and again. You will surely find the elusive error.

Get a friend to proofread your resume

Margins, tab tools and tables are your best friends.

Go through your dot points for consistent formatting.


The following blog post will focus on the content of your resume and the strategy to get yourself some phone calls.

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