You completed your studies and are now ready to enter the job market…the real world! This can stir up some mixed feelings – it can be scary, exciting, confusing, and generally overwhelming. When applying for jobs, it is very important to know how the job application process works and our trainees were able to learn the step-by-step process of their job application by attending our 1 Day Accounting Job Accelerate Program on Wednesday, the 31st January at Seed Training Group.


Guiding attendees through the Job Application Process

The 1 Day Training Program was an intensive yet affordable investment for our trainees to finally break through today’s tough job market. Our trainers carefully structured the program, detailing the process of an effective Job Search and Job Application. Why? Because Seed Training Group knows how to tap into the hidden job market and guide our trainees through their job hunting journey.

Our attendees got to cover 2 components of the training which included:

  • Introductory Session in Practical Accounting
  • Step-by-step Guide to the Job Search Application Process

The session started with a “Practical Accounting” session which covered the following topics:

  • How to use MYOB Software for Bookkeeping
  • How to use Reckon Elite Tax for Taxation purposes



Attendees getting to know each other


The next component of the program covered the “Step-by-Step Guide to Your Job Search Application Process” which included the following topics:

  • How to tap into the hidden job markets
  • Writing a great resume and cover letter that will impress the recruiter
  • Applying for suitable positions using winning job-search strategies
  • Attending your job interview and making a great first impression
  • Following after your interview – the do’s and don’ts

Our Career Consultant began the career development session by inviting the class to participate in a career introspection – identifying their strong points, weaknesses in their skills and making them understand what they are looking for in their career. Through this interactive exercise, trainees began to understand their current situation and the criteria employers use to select the ideal candidate.

Writing a resume and cover letter can be very daunting and challenging for job-seekers. Our Career Consultant got to share her top tips on how to prepare a professional resume and cover letter, making a great impression to ace job interviews and following up.


Pizza lunch

By the end of the session, attendees…

  • Were more confident with their Job Search
  • Gained practical industry training
  • Improved their interview skills
  • Received a personalised Resume and Cover Letter review and feedback
  • Received a FREE toolkit –resources and tools to assist in their job search (Valued at $125)
  • Were eligible to enrol directly in our Accounting Training and Internship Program
  • Had their CPA Membership application fee waived (Valued at $185)
  • Made new friends and connections!

Did you miss out? Do you want to get the edge you need in today’s competitive job market?

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