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A Guide to Applying at the Big Four

As many people know, an abundance of graduates flock towards the ‘Big Four’. The Big Four (Deloitte, KPMG, PwC, Ernst&Young) defines itself as some of the largest companies in the world; being well-established organisations that can guide and produce graduate programmes that can help set you up for great future careers in management and finance.



Statistics of the successful candidates

The few statistics that were revealed, cultivated the emphasis of how it is extremely hard to get into these big companies. The few statistics illustrated the odds of successful candidates to unsuccessful candidates. (Statistics from The Financial Times).

⦁ 25 applicants per position. (40,000:1,600)
⦁ 16 applicants per position. (15,000:950)
⦁ 28 applicants per position. (28,000:1,000)


Step 1. Application

This is the first impression. You need to completely stand out. The first impressions are impudently important as they can seek out what kind of person you may appear to be. Generally, application forms can ask about personal information, some may ask your reason for applying but one factor remains: research. Always remember to do your research.


Step 2. Online Testing

There’s always going to be a lot of online tests but luckily, the internet always has some practice tests surfing online to help you out. It isn’t just hard, but there’s the time limit that scares graduates. However, always prepare yourself for the worst and always respond in a manner where you know your stuff! (That accounts to the research prior)


Step 3. Interviews

The most dreaded of them all. Interviews can be very menacing and nerve-wracking but always remember that the questions will always be about you (If you don’t know yourself, how will you answer them?)

Please don’t forget that interviews can be feigning but that does not disregard that you shouldn’t be asking questions about them also. A good interviewee should seem interested in the company and ask questions to learn. It shows engagement, and that’s what makes you innovative!


Step 4. Assessment centres

This is when you meet all your competition. Always dress in a way where you’re trying to impress, showing ways of how to present yourself responsibly. Through these assessment centres, always remember to think through the perspective of the employers. Remember that they’re trying to look for employees that are initiative, creative, work-driven, leadership and those that have the most personality. Undoubtedly, the more you stick out like a sore thumb, the better. (Just don’t make a fool of yourself).


Step 5. Be Prepared

It’s beneficial towards yourself that you must always be prepared. Many final steps in applying at the Big Four are the unexpected that’s expected to come. Final steps can include face-to-face interviews, final assessments, etc.

Close-up of a financial analyzer holding a digital tablet with statistical data

Step 6. Afterwards

Indeed, as long as you prepare, come with the technical skills and brilliance, then it’s likely that you’ve been able to be successful. Consequently, if you were unsuccessful, just remember to never give up. There’s a plethora of time to always re-prepare and apply again. With this experience, you’re able to ask for feedback and look at the things that you’ve done wrong or right. Indeed, there’s always many other chances. Just don’t give up is the key.



Source: Internavenue

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