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It is important to be active in the interview. Building a relationship with the interviewer requires the candidate to be prepared with well thought-out answers and questions. Asking the relevant questions will allow you more insights into the job you are applying for . Additionally, it demonstrates that you have done your research and are genuinely interested in the company. Putting forward initiatives  is also a quality that recruiters are looking for. The questions need to be tailored for the advertised position and company, however, there are questions that works wonder regardless what job you are applying for.

1. Can you describe your ideal candidate?

Sometimes the job advertisement can be vague or the HR person who is putting up the ads doesn’t quite understand what qualities the accounting department manager is looking for. Something like “3 years working experience” for an entry level role just doesn’t cut it for a fresh graduate. If you have a chance to come to the interview, ask this question relatively early when you have a chance to better understand the role so you can better answer the interviewer’s questions according to what they want to hear. Accounting ideal candidate

2. What are the keys to success in this role?


Firstly, it gives you an indication of whether the job is right for you. Secondly, employers are interested in people who care about success and can exceed their expectations. Talking about how you can contribute to the company in your role makes a big difference to simply just discussing about the role.

3. How do you measure performance?

Performance is often measured in terms of hitting targets, or Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and conducting performance reviews. Knowing what to be assessed will let you know what aspects of your previous jobs can be highlighted. Mention occasions where you have overshot your targets and KPIs and when you have achieved excellent performance reviews, for example, how you have managed to shorten the debtor turnovers as an accounts receivable officer. Key performance Indicator (KPI)

4. What are your favourite things about working for the company?

Your curiosity in the the company’s culture will spark the interest of the employer, especially if they want to see if you can fit in with other colleagues. In addition, demonstration of genuine interest can separate you from other candidates who are just going through the motions.

5. What are the next steps?

Interviewees are often too nervous going through the interview that they forget to ask this question. Are you expecting a call or an email, and in how long? Do you have to go through other rounds of interview? Asking this again reconfirm with the interviewer that you really want to get the opportunity. Waiting for a replyFinally, after you have finished your interview, remember to follow them up with an email, expressing your gratitude for taking their time talking to you. This will greatly help increase your chance scoring your first job.

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